Hakan Çebi Yamaha PSR A3000 – S970 – Tyros5 voice & style expansion pack

yamaha style and voice pack – €250

you can pay with bank transfer, western union or neteller.
please contact for details.

click for the data list v1.3 (updated on 20.02.2017)

  • how to get the pack?
    – you can download the pack in 1 hour after payment.
  • what’s inside?
    – cpi file
    – cpf files
    – 1 GB audio multipad
    – bup file includes 116 styles, 17 registration banks, 8 scale banks, 104 sample sounds, 7 sample kits, 6 user voices, effects and system settings
  • is it easy to install?
    – yes, you can install the pack easily with our detailed explanatory support page.
  • are the updates free?
    – absolutely, the updates are free.
  • is the pack locked?
    – yes, the pack is locked. each pack works with one device and cannot be copy from device.

hakan çebi pack is an exclusive pack for PSR A3000, PSR S970 and Tyros5, includes an extensive variety of voices, styles, pads, drum kits, and more.
all new 487 mb expansion voice + 942 mb style, multipad, registration, scale, backup data.
alongside all that content pack will be updated 4 times a year until april 2020. yes! that’s right 16 free future updates in total!
custom styles, performances, pads, user scales, custom effects, master EQ and compressor parameters there for you to suit all your needs on stage.
our exclusive online customer support site also another feature for our users to download new free updates, share their experiences and to found the solutions they are looking for.
we are not only selling an expansion pack, we are offering you an endless support and an opportunity to join our family for the best.
it’s time to see the real potential of your keyboard.