thank you for choosing the hakan çebi yamaha expansion pack

creating the instrument file

we need your keyboard's instrument info file for creating the installation file.

connect an clean (formatted) usb drive to keyboard, please do not forget, you will use this usb drive in the next steps too.
go to
function > menu 2 > system > export instrument info > execute exporting > ok
if file is already exists,
name already exists > ok 
exporting has been completed > ok

now send the
PSR_A3000_InstrumentInfo.n27 to
we will send you the hc.cpi file.

loading the expansion

1 - go to your e-mail, download hc.cpi (493mb) and (944mb) files

download and copy the file to your usb drive's root folder.

2 - remove the usb drive from your computer and connect it to your keyboard.

3 - loading the expansion voices and loops
function > menu2 > expansion > pack installation > select "HC" >
"start installing "HC"?" > ok (F) all the expansion contents will be deleted > ok (G) >
"the instrument will be restarted" > ok > "installation has been completed" > ok

keyboard will be restart

hakan çebi expanded keyboard quick manual

  • start
    turn on the acmp button for style bass and acmp activation.
  • speakers
    function > utility > config 2 (tab right) > speaker > headphone sw (speaker off  with headphone connection) on (on) off (off)

  • style part scales
    select the scale set (first screen D) style scales activated 1, 2, 3 and 4. for just right hand scales, use number 5.
  • registration
    use the registration sets for different types of music;
    first screen J > select a registration bank > use the registrations with registration memory buttons
  • making registration
    memory button then the number you want to write. for saving your bank;
    first screen J > menu 2 (num8) > save (num6) 
    > ok (num 8 top)
    if you don't want to loose old bank, change the registration bank name. for owerwrite name already exists > yes (G)
  • tempo lock
    function > style setting > tempo > lock (locks tempo) hold (holds tempo at style change) reset (resets tempo at style change)
  • audio pads
    expand your stage performance with linked audio multipads;
    first screen I > use tab right and go to USB > open "3 pad" folder > select a multipad > play the pads with multi pad control

for advanced users

  • cpf files for expansion manager
    ask your unique cpf files for the yamaha expansion manager for making your own installation packs with other contents .
    bank select LSB numbers
    000 Hakan Ses
    001 Hakan Loop

update files

here you can find update files for download (latest update also includes previous ones)

last update date 11.07.2021


you can download the user tone files from the link above

send your hardware id to for v3 styles and reg. files

questions and requests

please send e-mail to for your questions and requests.