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Hakan Çebi Roland Usb Set

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roland ea7 128 mb hakan çebi usb set
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DATA LIST V3.0 (updated on 23.05.2021)

  • How to get the pack?
    - We will send your pack to your address in 24 hour after your payment.

  • What's inside?

    - 66 user styles
    - 90 user programs
    - 83 user tones
    - 25 user drum kits
    - 1773 samples (121 mb)
    free updates

  • Is it easy to install?
    - Yes, you can read the instructions and find the update files at our support page.
  • Is the usb locked?
    - Yes, the usb is locked. You can load the set with your usb, then you don't need to plug the usb to the keyboard for use. If you want to use the set with another keyboard, you have to plug the usb to keyboard and uninstall the set.

With the set we made for Roland E-A7, you will have a lot of rhythm, sound, pad and performance.

You will also get all future updates for free.

We've arranged the best samples we've recorded and bought over the years, and we've put it together for the best stage performance. Our project, where no sample sound and loop rhythms are present in the market, and the remaining rhythms and sounds are chosen from our most admired works, are ready to use.

The total size of the study is approximately 121 mb.

Customers who will merge with other packs can create their own sets by combining the sounds.

We offer free shipping to anywhere in the world.

With Hakan Çebi usb, rhythms, sounds, performances, pads, solo improvisations, coma settings, balances, effects, master equalizer and compressor settings, everything will be in your hand.

Our exclusive online customer support page also another feature for our users to read and load the pack, download new free updates and to found the solutions they are looking for.

We are not only selling an expansion pack, we are offering you an endless support and an opportunity to join our family for the best.

It's time to see the real potential of your keyboard.

Please contact for details.

IMPORTANT: Users who purchase our work second hand should contact the person they purchased for support. All updates are free and can be downloaded from our support pages. We can only support one person for one product. Thank you for your understanding.

Hakan Çebi Roland Usb Set

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Product description: roland ea7 128 mb hakan çebi usb set ...


  • Hakan Çebi - Ayrılık acı bir şey - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Çilekeş - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Ayşen
  • Hakan Çebi - Sevmek - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Sev yeter - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - At gitsin - Roland E-A7
  • Roland E-A7 Hakan Çebi USB v2 güncelleme update yeni sesler ve çiftetelli
  • Roland E-A7 Hakan Çebi usb set demo
  • Hakan Çebi - Ben aşk için ölürüm - Roland E-A7 & Yamaha Genos
  • Hakan Çebi - Aldana aldana - Roland E-A7 & Yamaha PSR-A3000
  • Müslüm Gürses - Garipler - Hakan Çebi - Roland E-A7
  • yamaha hakan çebi expansion pack v1.1 update demo
  • Hakan Çebi - Sarhoş - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Unutamadım - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Seni gördüm neşem geldi - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Derbeder - Yamaha Montage - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Yıllar utansın
  • Hakan Çebi - Bana da söyle
  • Roland E-A7 Hakan Çebi usb set arabesk01 demo
  • Hakan Çebi - Sevda yüklü kervanlar - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Alışırım - Roland E-A7 & AX-Synth & Yamaha Genos
  • Hakan Çebi - Usta - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Evlat
  • Roland E-A7 Hakan Çebi usb set ankara01 demo
  • Roland E-A7 yeni legato bağlama - Hakan Çebi
  • Hakan Çebi - Akşam güneşi - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Dağlar ağlayın - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Aynı sahilde - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Yarabbim sen büyüksün - Roland E-A7 & Yamaha PSR-A3000
  • Hakan Çebi - Bir alo de - Roland E-A7
  • Hakan Çebi - Şaşkın - Roland E-A7
  • Dağlar dağladı beni - Hakan Çebi - Roland E-A7