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Hakan Çebi Korg Set

Hakan Çebi Korg pa3x - pa4x style & sound set

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500,00 TL

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Our pa3x and pa4x set was created in our professional studio with high quality recording and musical instruments.
The styles are including real percussion loops in different variations and right hand voices has many voice variatons like tremolos, slides and more.

351 multisample
8717 sample
406 program
181 performance
127 style (74 loop style)
179 pad (143 loop pad)

please contact for details.

IMPORTANT: Users who purchase our work second hand should contact the person they purchased for support. All updates are free and can be downloaded from our support pages. We can only support one person for one product. Thank you for your understanding.

Hakan Çebi Korg Set

Korg Set
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Product description: Hakan Çebi Korg pa3x - pa4x style and sound set ...


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  • hakan3x usb set keman (korg pa3x)
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